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Property Maps


Scenic Hill and its sister property, Scenic Oaks, are located about 6 miles southwest of Brenham, in the rolling hills of Washington County.  They are an easy 2.9 mile drive from each other.


Scenic Hill has 7 cabins and can sleep up to 32 people.


Scenic Oaks has 5 cabins and can sleep up to 18 people.


See our Groups page for more information about group lodging.


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2.9 Mile Drive from Scenic Hill to Scenic Oaks.






Scenic Hill is a six acre property, located on one of the highest hills in Washington County.  It’s nestled between two pristine ranches and gives great views of rolling hills all the way around.   You’ll be able to see the horses from the horse ranch across the road, and the cows from the ranch over the north fence.


Each property at Scenic Hill is private from the others, mixing surrounding woods with great views of the hill country.   The expansive lawn at the top of the hill provides plenty of roaming room!


Parkisons Ln Entrance:


1.      Farmhouse (Sleeps 10) Located near the top of the hill.

2.      Treehouse  (Sleeps 4) Located at the wood’s edge, facing into the woods.

3.      Woodland Cottage (Sleeps 2) Located in the woods, with its own private yard.

4.      1890's Log Cabin (Sleeps 2) Located in the woods, facing the northern ranch. 

5.      Grand Spa (Sleeps 6)   Located at the woods edge, facing the northern ranch. 


FM 332 Entrance:

All face the northern ranch.


6.      Spa Cabin (Sleeps 4) 

7.      Homestead Cabin (Sleeps 4)

8.      Private Cabin


9.      Entrance to Homestead Cabin and Spa Cabin

10.  Scenic Hill Main Entrance

11.  Volleyball Court/Game Area


The two sides of the property are connected by a path through the woods and a bridge across a creek.



Aerial View of Scenic Hill


Video Tour






Scenic Oaks is an 11 acre property, named for its grand oak trees.  Scenic Oaks is surrounded by forest, with a large, secluded meadow in the center. The meadow has picnic tables under shade trees and an assortment of different games. It is truly like stepping into a different world.


1.      Entrance to Scenic Oaks


2.      The Veranda (Sleeps 2) Faces the meadow.


3.      The Oasis – (Sleeps  4) Faces the meadow.


4.      Hidden Grove (Sleeps 6) Faces its own private shaded grove of trees.


5.      Meadow’s Edge (Sleeps 2) Faces the meadow.


6.      The Retreat (Sleeps 4) Faces its own private lawn.


7.      The meadow at Scenic Oaks




Aerial View of Scenic Oaks


Video Tour