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Washington County, the “Birthplace of Texas”, offers some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Texas, combined with a sense of history and a relaxing pace of life that’s hard to beat.  This day trip takes you through the gentle rolling hills, the well-preserved small towns, and offers a glimpse into the history of the area.








Visit the Burton Cotton Gin  


Burton is a cute little town, featuring The Burton Cotton Gin Museum, an old-time Cotton Gin with a Museum and tours.  If you want to be taken back to a simpler time and place, this is definitely a stop worth taking.


Directions:  From Scenic Hill, turn Right on FM 332.  Head 2 miles southwest on 332 until you hit FM 2502.  Turn a Right on FM 2502.   Drive 10 miles until FM 2502 "T"s into Hwy 290.  Take  a Right onto Hwy 290.  Drive 1.4 miles.  Turn left onto FM. 390.  Take this street to N. Main St.   Turn Right on N. Main St.   Go about 2 blocks and it’s on the Right.




Burton Cotton Gin                            


Take the “Old Independence Trail”


The drive from Burton along Gay Hill is one of the most picturesque in Washington County, with plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos of the rolling hills and pastoral ranches.


Directions:  In Burton, go North on N. Main St. until it veers off to the right and becomes FM 390 Rd W.   Go Northeast on this road.  Follow the signs to stay on FM 390.  There’s a couple of dog legs on this road, but signs are clearly marked.


IMG_0508   IMG_0496

Winding roads                                    Pasture along Gay Hill                


Take a Rest Stop at the site of Old Baylor College 


This was the start of Baylor Female College on Windham Hill, the original Texas Baptist College.


This is a nice site with some historic buildings and picnic tables.  It’s a  perfect excuse to stretch your legs, walk around, read some historical markers, and enjoy the day.


Directions:  Continue along FM 390.  This is on the left, right before Hwy 50, about 18 miles from Burton.


IMG_0510   IMG_0520

Picnic tables at Old Baylor College      John P. Coles cabin at Old Baylor College


Stroll through The Antique Rose Emporium 


The Antique Rose Emporium is a multi-acre celebration of landscaping and the beauty of nature.   When someone coined the phrase, “A little slice of heaven”, this is what they were talking about.  If you love plants, this will be your new favorite place.  If you don’t love plants, you’ll still be wowed.  Pictures don’t do justice.  Just go there.


Directions:  The Emporium is about 19 miles from Burton and very close to the Old Baylor College site.  Continue along FM 390.  Turn right on FM 50. Go about 2 blocks and turn left.


IMG_0523   IMG_0537  

Old Church at the Emporium             One of the many rose gardens at the Emporium


Lunch in Chappell Hill 


Chappell Hill is a gorgeous little town that never quite got as commercialized as it should have.  This is a good thing.


Enjoy lunch at Bever’s Kitchen in Chappell Hill.  They have good food, and are famous for their pies.   Then take a stroll down the main street of Chappell Hill to enjoy the well-preserved small-town aesthetic, and a handful of neat, eclectic shops. 


Directions:  From the Emporium, go back up to FM 390, take a right and head east for 4.4 miles.  FM 390 will turn South at William Penn Rd. Go 2.2 miles South on FM 390.  When you hit FM 105, turn Right and drive Southwest  It will quickly intersect with FM 2193.  Take a left on FM 2193.  Take a right when you hit FM 1155 and drive South.  This will take you through Chappell Hill’s main street

IMG_0541   IMG_0548

Bever’s Café, Chappell Hill                   Shops along Chappell Hill’s main street.



Main Street of Chappell Hill


Other Notable Attractions  -  See map on this page for Locations.


Washington-On-The-Brazos and the Barrington History Farm

This is a must for anyone interested in Texas history.  This is the site where the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.   The Barrington History Farm has period actors that walk you through life on a Texas farm in the 1850’s.    


Texas Star Winery - They have a lovely shaded lawn where you can sip a glass of one of their fine, reasonably-priced wines.  Hours are 11- 6 Friday- Sunday.  Call ahead to verify:  979-251-7282.

Directions:  As you drive through Chappell Hill (FM 1155), turn west onto FM 2447.  Drive 0.2 miles and turn North onto Old Chappell Hill Rd. Drive 0.5 miles. The winery is to your right.


Chappell Hill Lavender Farm - If you love lavender, this is the place for you.  Open on weekends.  Call (979) 251-8114 to verify when open.